Dog Walking

Monday - Friday

Group Walk     £10 for 1 hour.

Second Dog   +£5 

Walk and Wash

As above for the walk plus £10 for small/ medium dogs, £15 for large or thick coated breeds.

Day Care

Weekdays only between 8am and 6pm

Daily rate ; £25 per dog.

Weekly rate - Monday - Friday £100.

Includes collection and delivery

Cats and small pet home visits

Monday - Friday

One visit daily     £9

Two visits daily   £15

Terms and Conditions

Use of this website assumes acceptance of T and C's

  1. The client is responsible for any injury, harm or damage caused by their pet whilst it is in care and agrees to indemnify Fordingbridge Dog walker in full against any such harm or damage to third parties.

  2. The client agrees to be fully and completely honest with regard to the pets traits, aggressive tendencies or any previous threatening behaviour.

  3. Fordingbridge Dog walker reserves the right to refuse to walk any dog that we feel may cause harm or damage to another or may be liable to cause an accident.

  4. Fordingbridge Dog walker will walk your dog as a group unless you specify that your dog needs to be walked individually which will incur extra costs

  5. The client accepts that dogs walked in the Forest, in outdoor areas and with other dogs may sustain injuries, Fordingbridge Dog Walker carefully monitors all activities to avoid injuries but scratches, puncture wounds and other injuries may occur and will not be held liable for such injuries

  6. All clients must sign the section on the booking form advising whether your dog can be let off the lead or not, regardless of this if we do not feel the dog will be safe let off we reserve the right to keep the dog on a lead

  7. The client is responsible for the full cost of any treatment for injuries, scratches or illness your pet may incur while in the care of Fordingbridge Dog walker including any call out charges or associated costs

  8. The client authorises Fordingbridge Dog Walker to seek veterinary advice or treatment as they deem necessary while your pet is in our care, Fordingbridge Dog Walker will make very effort to contact you to inform you.

  9. The client accepts that even if their dog is vaccinated against Kennel Cough there is still a chance the dog may contract the illness while mixing with other dogs, the client also agrees to inform us if your dog has any infectious illness

  10. The client agrees that use of our services may involve the use of photographs and videos of your pet while in the care of Fordingbridge Dog walker and these may be used for Social Media and advertising purposes

  11. Clients agree to indemnify Fordingbridge Dog walker in full against any liability arising from loss or damage to your property its contents including loss of keys

  12. No variations of these terms and conditions will be effective without prior written notification by Fordingbridge Dog walker



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Fordingbridge Dog Walker is a trading name of New Forest Dog Boarding Ltd.  Company no; 1080306